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Happy New Year!


Newsletter 10

Friday joke: Last night I dreamt that I had written “The Hobbit”. Turned out I was Tolkien in my sleep.

Data news – you will have gathered by now that the pressure is on. Analysis of the Year 11 tracker shows that we are 61% A*-C, our target is 76%. I have sent emails listing those students that we are going to target. Please read and check this list and let me know of any amendments. My analysis is only as good as the data that you have inputted and so we need to keep revisiting our individual trackers on a regular basis. Remember to hit ‘calculate’ and then ‘save’ to ensure that the Unit 3 grade is updated. Thank you so much for this. I know that it can feel relentless. Sarah and I have inputted the Mocks on this same sheet. We need to check the grade boundaries before issuing to students. Please make it clear that the boundaries are notional. Obviously we each need to analyse our individual class’s performance to personalise our revision programmes. I need your feedback ready for the first CT meeting – 7th January so we can discuss next steps; the examiner report on the WJEC site may help to structure your response. Thinking of revision take a look at this Anyone feeling creative?

Decorating news – Sarah’s room and ‘the slot’ will be decorated the first week back and so please make sure that you remove anything that you might need by the end of term.

iPad news: Would love to start using Face Time – please check that yours is ‘enabled’ – is that the right expression? Two youtube videos you might find useful   (Using Explain Everything in the classroom) and (Using Pages in the classroom)

Why don’t we try…? Read this – we have loads in the stationery cupboard! Great for feedbackwards and forwards.




Newsletter 9

Friday joke: Lif’s too short.

If you’re reading this on our blog make sure that you check out Caroline’s new page ‘Thoughts on 3’. If not go to Her post gives feedback on our Year 7 books and is the beginning of a discussion we need to have on how we mark and enable critique, self assessment, peer assessment and so on. Perhaps we don’t need to confine peer assessment to within the class? My Year 8 are peer assessing Year 9 stories which they could then also use as models for their own writing.  Please comment on Caroline’s thoughts and perhaps write about your own experiences. We would love as many people as possible to contribute to our blog.

As you know we decided in the CT meeting that our subject review is going to focus on feedback. Here are 2 posts from Lisa Jane Ashes to get us thinking. . One of the most interesting pieces of advice I have heard recently is to give the students 10x the amount of time that you have spent marking their book on reflecting and answering your questions/setting targets. I also really like the expression ‘feedforward’,  which somehow seems more optimistic.

iPad news – remind yourselves of the unit that you are teaching Year 7 in January. We need to embed ways of using the iPads; I am starting with  ‘Please Mr Postman’  and am intending to investigate a postcard app. Be prepared to talk about your ideas in our first 2013 CT meeting.

Why don’t we try…? Taking a risk. Have just handed over the next two weeks worth of lessons to my Year 9. Showed them the Reading APP grid and they now have to design their own assessment pieces for the theme of War Poetry. Will let you know how it goes.

Congratulations if you have finished your mocks – Sarah and I are going to input the data on Monday after school and then the number crunching will begin!

Claire S