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Chaucer’s Valentine

A new poem for Valentine’s Day by Carol Ann Duffy

(for N.)

The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne…
but be my valentine
and I’ll one candle burn,
love’s light a fluent tongue,
old habit young, the door ajar
to where our bed awaits,
not in a room
but in a wood, all thrilled with birds,
the flight of early English words to poetry,
there as sweetness evermore now is,
this human kiss,
love’s written bliss in every age…
hold the front page.

Some holiday reading! Would love to do something similar with students so that they could promote their reading for pleasure.

Thanks again for all of your hard work preparing for the observations for our subject review. I am writing everything up over the holiday and will publish the report on our site. We will take a look at it in our first CT meeting. I will then be able to let you know the response in LG.

As you know I would like us to continue with focusing on Feedback and I will be continuing to share ideas that I encounter on Twitter – please do the same! One thing I am now very aware of is the importance of the feedback from our observations. I do appreciate the importance of an overall number but I am worried that it becomes all about the number. I had to ask for my feedback to be given twice as I was so concerned about the judgement that I don’t think that I was really listening. This is one of the areas that I don’t seem to be able to rid myself of my fixed mindset approach even though I lecture the students on the importance of doing so when I hand back work. You will see that one of our next steps is to take a look at our marking/feedback policy and see what improvements we can make in order to make our targets and comments more specific.

Love as always




I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.

9781781350027I’m actually reading a book called ‘Perfect Assessment for Learning’ by Claire Gadsby it’s brilliantly readable and has a chapter on formative feedback. I will be sharing some of its ideas over the coming days, weeks, months! Here’s a fantastic reading list for teachers interested in pedagogy which I came across on Twitter. Don’t think any of them are on the ‘mood boosting’ list that is being launched in May through the scheme ‘Books on Prescription’. It has been backed by SCL and The Reading Agency as well as The Dept of Health, The Royal College of Psychiatrists and The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Observationwise we are halfway through our review. Congratulations to those who have taken part and good luck to those who will be being seen this week. As you know one of the key areas that Ofsted look for is our differentiation here’s an excellent post for us all to peruse.

Why don’t we try…? Mr S. found this the other day – a site which has been developed by Barbican Education to provide teachers with resources to promote poetry and creative writing. Have you shown Paperman yet? My Year 7 were mesmerized and wanted to make their own. One day? I also loved the Romeo and Juliet lego version found here

iPad news – Take a look at the app ScrapPad – it’s free at the moment. I used the ipads with two of my Year 7 this week so they could look for evidence of effective feedback. In actual fact their feedback was the most effective and ironically I wish I had recorded them! Remember I would like to include photos and/or recording of students as part of the review. I will be putting the report together over Half Term and so need everything by the end of next week.

Controlled Assessment Moderation Part 2 – we are moderating on Tuesday and it will be in G32 again; thank you Katherine for the room changes. Last week’s moderation went smoothly and the folders have either been returned or are in KBl’s office for safekeeping. Please make sure that you check. If any of your folders have been moderated down you still have time to improve the marks. Please also remember to keep the tracker up to date as this is the data that I use when reporting back to DTu and DCl. The folders need to be at the moderator by 22nd March and so I am anticipating that the website will go ‘live’ at the beginning of March to enable our sample to be generated. There are still quite a lot of topsheets in the staffroom waiting to be collected?


Claire S