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I love this! ‘Sunny’ – yet cool.



Q: “What letter of the alphabet has got lots of water?”  A: “The C”

Lots to say and feedback on this week. Congratulations to Hillary who conducted a successful speaking and listening visit on Monday. Wayne was delighted with our students – he is going to send us a report and give us some advice on suitable role play activities. Hillary’s advice is “Don’t be mean! for example, in the functional tasks, if you can imagine their performance being acceptable in the ‘real world’, then a high mark is likely to be justified. If the content is sophisticated but the performance is nervous, recognise this and strike a sensible balance. A hesitant/nervous performance can be rectified with an effective post-presentation peer questioning session.” The only negative points were focused on the creative role play which centred on the importance of choosing the ‘right’ task.

Tuesday’s LG focused on data. Stuart introduced a new format for presenting data which clearly showed the importance of targeting L5b students in Year 7. This is the group that have not been making progress across the keystages. Take a close look at your Year 7 now and monitor these students closely.

Our expected grades for Year 10 are 73% A*-C which is close to TG (75%). Please make sure that you have inputted your “Of Mice and Men marks’ on the tracker. I find this an incredibly useful indication of how our students are doing. Jenny’s groups have made a lot of progress. She has been using a combination of one to one intervention and a new feedback sheet which encourages students to reflect on how their work didn’t meet the controlled assessment criteria so that they understand exactly what they need to do to make progress. Ask her for a copy!

This week’s LG is focusing on curriculum development. We have been asked to think about the following:

  • How would your team implement PBL in year 7 and 8 in curriculum areas?
  • Where could your team pilot PBL in year 9?
  • Where could your team pilot PBL at P16?

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for entering the Year 11 marks so efficiently and quickly and good luck with your annotations over the weekend. I need your folders by Monday. Here’s the checklist again

Please remind your students next week about the mocks after Easter. I have put the papers in for printing. We are using the Autumn 2012 exam. The mark scheme can be found on the WJEC secure site.The new Year 11 revision site is now easily accessible from the School website. Please show students how to do this during lessons and run through the different pages. Remember to email additional material to me or Jenny – ask your students what they would like on there and we will try our best to track it down.

It was Caroline and mine’s turn to present at the ipad evening. About 90 parents attended and I really enjoyed finding out what Caroline has been doing in her lessons. If you haven’t seen her Year 8 poetry work which is being ‘gifted’ to departments ask her to show you. We even got a bit of a round of applause at the end of our last talk – by the third time through we had ‘perfected’ our delivery. It was brilliant doing something like this with someone.

Next Friday is becoming quite packed! As Katherine pointed out this morning we will need to start the interim reviews in order to have them completed by the 26th April. I will talk to you individually to arrange a suitable time.

Finally – I know I’ve already mentioned this but Sanjeev is really interested in English Literature and would love to visit some lessons. Sarah has met him and he is going to go to her Year 11 and Year 12. I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet and am not sure when he is free but I may be asking you if you mind him observing next week…

Much love


Key Dates

Monday 18th – GCSE Sample to CSl

Wednesday 20th – Year 7 PUs with comments completed

Wednesday 20th – Year 10 Subject Evening

Friday 22nd – SIMs training, Moderation, Interim Reviews.

Happy Easter Holidays

2nd April – Happy Birthday to Jenny!


I wasn’t going to launch/set sail a ‘Bigger Boat’ this week but then realised that next weekend we will be busy sorting the Year 11 sample… Here’s the checklist for the sample

Year 11 Literature Retakes – well done to those students now on TG or have made progress from last summer. Kellie needs to know names of any  further retakes by the middle of this week.

Watch this! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

I’ve managed to make a connection with Much Ado and our work on feedback:

Thanks this week go to those of you that dressed up for WBD – we’ve already talked  about remembering to work on it much earlier in the school year in order to make it an even bigger occasion and I know that some of you have been thinking of handing the day over to students as a pbl activity which would be brilliant.Sir Bernard Lovell School

Claire x

Key Dates

10th March CA input ‘live’

11th March – speaking and listening advisory visit – HHa

11th March CT meeting

13th March Isobel Slocombe plays Tallulah

14th March ipad evening for Year 9 parents – CMa, CSl.


It’s that time of year again where everything’s happening at once and so I have decided that I am only going to to write this fortnightly. Probably.

My highlight over the last fortnight has to be delivering the Subject review to LG. We received lots of positive comments which have made me even more determined that this needs to be a long term project. I was going to go through the booklet on Monday but as it’s a PDC meeting too I will wait until we are all there so that we can work on our next steps together. There is already an online version of the booklet on our website if you want to take a look.

I keep checking the WJEC site to see when we can submit our controlled assessment online. The sample needs to go to the moderator on the 22nd March and so I would imagine we’re looking at the week beginning the 11th March – same day as our speaking and listening visit. Thank you Hillary for being our standardizer/or? I’m still encouraging my students to redo bits and pieces to try and push those marks as far as I can. The GCSE court judgement was disappointing but  inevitable and disturbingly it means that we can’t be absolutely sure what a C ‘looks like’. I have analysed how our students responded to the questions in the Summer exams and it showed that in Foundation Tier girls struggled with Q4  which asked students to write about 2 texts. Girls also under-performed in Q2 of the writing paper. In Higher tier there was not a significant gender difference but students had difficulties with the reading ‘How does…?’ style of question. I am going to ask LG if we can have another Mock exam on the first Thursday morning after the Easter Hols and then we can use their performance to inform our revision programme. I’m sorry that this will add to your marking load but the November exams are a long, long time ago! Jenny is working on a website/blog for the whole of Year 11 for all of us to post revision tips and articles etc for additional reading and exam practice. – a model to think about.

High Tech High Training – Sarah, Caroline and Jenny have been trained and Caroline and Jenny are already working on pilot projects. Lucy and I are lucky enough to be part of the next cohort – we’re at the thinking of a topic for our PBL stage. All very exciting. Here’s a useful link to a 6th grade teacher’s digital portfolio (year 7) from High Tech Middle

WBD: Thanks to Sarah, Jenny and Caroline for their work on WBD. There was a definite buzz in the staffroom today with teachers talking/panicking about who they could be.

I’ve just read ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ by Stephen Chobsky –  and seen the film; you don’t need to be a teenager to love and be moved by it. There are thousands of quotations I could take from it. Here’s one “This moment will just be another story someday.”

Charlie’s Playlist “One Winter” – from the novel not the film

  • Asleep – The Smiths
  • Vapour Trail – Ride
  • Scarborough Fair – Simon & Garfunkel
  • A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum
  • Time of No Reply – Nick Drake
  • Dear Prudence – the Beatles
  • Gypsy – Suzanne Vega
  • Night in White Satin – Moody Blues
  • Daydream – Smashing Pumpkins
  • Dusk – Genesis
  • MLK – U2
  • Blackbird – the Beatles
  • Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
  • Asleep – the Smiths

Key Dates

4th March – CT/PDC – what makes a L6?

6th March – deadline for Year 10 PUs – with comments

7th March – World Book Day

11th March – speaking and listening advisory visit.