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Out of my comfort zone.

​Generation Y- Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
This Wednesday I have been asked to talk to JA and SA about our use of technology – well I think that’s what I’m talking about, will be checking with Mark on Monday.
Thought I’d run through some ideas with you and then you can comment and send me examples of how you have been using technology too.
I read
over half term and the first chapter introduced me to SAMR which equals
S – Substitution
A – Augmentation
M – Modification
R – Redefinition
which I thought I couldn’t understand, but that could have been my fixed mindset kicking in, until I read Mark’s useful English examples focusing on King Lear. Here’s my explanation:

Substitution is when we ask or have asked students to simply word-process work instead of writing it. I can remember the first time I did this and being so excited about the beautifully typed work that was handed in.


Be careful though I can also remember going to a standardisation meeting and the moderators showing us how easy it is to think that a piece is better than it actually is because of its presentation. (Not applicable to the lovely work above I hasten to add.)

Augmentation is the next step when we use technology to enhance work. Perhaps students add an image or highlight key words in appropriate colours to demonstrate a theme. Perhaps students use wordle to show the effect of a writer’s word choices. After all how many times did Obama use ‘can’?


We transform our use of technology when we move to the modification and redefinition stages. These are activities that could not be completed without using technology. This is when our use of blogs, when we open up our students’ work to a truly public audience, comes to the fore. My students in Year 8 know that when they publish their work on their site their friends and family are free to comment and critique their work. I am not their sole audience. This is proving to be an extremely powerful motivational tool that I would like to expand to other year groups; but it will take time if I am to do it well. – please take a look at their blogs and write a comment. They would love to hear from you.

I have also enjoyed working with iMovie and Vimeo here’s an example following work on persuasive techniques

Incredibly Mark writes about how to bring the outside world into the classroom. There is the primary school that managed to use Skype to contact experts from a museum in Egypt and the Year 5 class that were connected to Lord Jim Knight to help them learn about the House of Lords and government. Wow.

We know that many writers are regular uses of twitter – how amazing would it be for our students to receive feedback from a real life published author?? What if Rowling retweeted or favourited a student’s comment/question?



Please email, comment on here, tweet or even tell me face to face of any ways that you have been using technology that we can share with others on Wednesday. Thanks Clairex