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“Next year all our troubles will…”


Catch-up Time

I thought I’d post some of the emails that I have been sending out so that you know they’re all in one place. I seem to lose track of emails after a while. Yes I know I should create folders etc.
1. Education Consultant (Apologies for my frequent use of she but I don’t feel that I can use names.)
We have had our first visit. Here are my informal notes that I sent round in an email.
‘The most important questions when planning are ‘How is the lesson building the progress?’ and then when thinking about observations ‘Is it obvious?’ Can your students articulate their learning and can they explain the difference between doing and learning?
She was very clear that observations focus on the students not the teacher and that judgements are based on students’ learning and progress. Students are likely to be asked ‘What are you learning?’ I welcome this as it means that gone are the days of feeling that you need to ‘put on a show’ during that 1 hour.
The interesting question that she asked me was ‘What is the impact of teaching over time?’ It is the ‘over time’ that is fundamental.
Feedback is an obvious indicator of progress over time. I know that we have made progress with the way that we use feedback but during Jane’s scrutiny she saw that as a department our feedback is inconsistent and so we still need to work on this together.
Interestingly she had some concerns about the lack of extended writing in Year 9. We need to move to using the exercise book for all stages of the writing process. If you have Year 9 on Monday make sure that their APP folders are on the desk as well.
If you are marking books/work over the weekend remember to build in time at the beginning of the next lesson for students to respond to the feedback explicitly. Give them opportunities to demonstrate that they have understood your suggestions for improvement.’

She is going to be with us again this Friday afternoon and will focus on the recent Year 11 mocks and analyse a sample of papers from our more able students. She has also sent me a written report, which I will upload, to the ‘All About Us’ section.

2. I am going to start regular work scrutinies on those Tuesdays that I do not attend LG. This starts this Tuesday with Year 7. The next scrutiny will focus on Year 9 and will be on the first Tuesday after the Christmas holidays. Please bring your books to The Hub straight after school. I will not take the books home and you can collect them first thing the following morning. I would love other members of the team to look through books too so that these sessions developed a workshop feel. We can all learn from each other.
3. A reminder that the deadline for controlled assessments is the end of this term. Please make sure that the tracker is kept up to date. I will be asking for a print out from J K so that we know the percentage of students
on TG for this component. We will be moderating folders at the end of January/beginning of February.
4. Thank you again for your hard work in marking the Year 11 Mocks. Please remember to enter the marks on the tracker for Monday – K will need to know if there are any problems with this, as she needs to collate the marks for Thursday. I also need your analysis of your class. We will spend some time in our next CT meeting to discuss the exams.
5. Looking forward to night out next Wednesday – 18th?

“Next year all our troubles will be miles away.”