Lovely Day



It’s that time of year again – have been looking through the posts of 2013-2014 and doing a bit of reminiscing whilst listening to some songs from my past. Perhaps a dangerously sentimental mix. Can’t believe that it’s all gone so fast. Can’t believe Mike and Sarah haven’t been with us forever or that we’re already saying goodbye to Sophie.

What a year. My most challenging 12 months so far and probably the year where my school eyes have leaked the most. However it is also the year where I have received the most literal and metaphorical hugs from you. My school family. ‘Special’.

This summer I am looking forward to:

Reminding my children that I am their Mum – again

Reading books without falling asleep in the middle of a sentence

Having the mental capacity to understand pedagogy and specifications first read through

Throwing things away

Writing a home action plan rather than a school action plan

Swimming in the ocean

Writing words that don’t relate to success criteria

Replying to ‘What are you thinking about?’ with a ‘Nothing’ and it being true.

Really, really smiling.

Laughing without wondering if it’s hysteria.

Being me.

Have a wonderful holiday with lots of lovely days.

All – not quite as I love my Slocombe 3 too, and there are a few others scattered about – my love



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