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Week One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• The Hub’s new layout and the tables and chairs
• Finally using my office more effectively thanks to JRo moving in.
• Being able to display in The Hub
• A full stationery cupboard
• Tim and Cheryl – so patient, such good humour when it must have been a crazy week
• Wellsway visit and the excitement of planning and starting a new course
• You

• The glue sticks were returned
• I could find the missing 50 green exercise books
• I didn’t keep forgetting where I put things – e.g. iPad

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Cambridge IGCSE 0522
Following my meeting with Matt Reid at Wellsway I am confident that we will be following the Cambridge course with our Year 11 and Year 10. I absolutely think that this is the right decision and am pleased that Matt will provide us with the training that we need to give our students the best possible chances of success.
DCl is going to liaise and arrange a time asap for him to visit. We also talked about following the same GCSE courses in the future which will give us a great opportunity to collaborate across the schools.
Here is a link to the syllabus that we will be following. Please can you take a look (especially page 7 which will give you an overview of the course) – of course we will be looking through this together so that we can adapt our SOLs – bit more than adaptation!
Matt recommended that we follow the Extended path (Paper 2 Reading Passages) and the Coursework Portfolio. Our first step will be to look at our Year 11 descriptive/narrative controlled assessments and decide on one that we can use as the first piece of coursework. There are 3 pieces that students need to complete:
• Informative, analytical and/or argumentative
• Descriptive and/or narrative
• Response to texts
The pieces need to demonstrate different writing forms/styles.
Remember this is COURSEWORK so the students can draft and redraft. We will wordprocess the piece – students are even allowed to use spell check. Pages 24 onwards provide further guidance.

NB GCSE Literature
We will continue to follow WJEC GCSE Literature with our Year 11. This may mean that you will need to revisit the Shakespeare and Poetry CA.

Thank you for all of your hard work this week – looking forward to the year ahead.