‘…only perfect practice makes perfect.’ (Vince Lombardi)

Revisiting feedback.

If you look through the short term targets from our review you will see that one is to ‘Achieve consistency in: marking / feedback and pupils’ responses/ expectations of presentation / use of seating plans’. This post revisits feedback.

Please scrutinise your books:

  1. Is there a target sheet in the front of the book?
  2. Have the students written in at least 2 EBIs?
  3. Have the students written in the level for their assessments? Yr 9 should have completed 2 assessments if following the WW1 scheme in Term 1 or 1 assessment if studying Shakespeare in Term 1.
  4. What has been written in the spelling column? How are you assessing SP&G? How would you like to assess SP&G?
  5. How many times have you marked their books? School policy is that books are marked fortnightly or every 6 lessons.
  6. Have you given enough time to students to respond to your feedback? There must be evidence of a developing learning conversation and the students must respond using green pens. Students should spend more time on their responses than you have spent marking them!
  7. Our protocols state that we need to use the marking policy. It isn’t enough to write the symbols in the margin you should check that your students have corrected and improved their work.


  1. These (see above) help to highlight where students need to direct their attention. Although of course we should be aiming for students to do this actively, for themselves.
  2. If you took a sample of your exercise books would differentiation be evident? Or would you see the same tasks/objectives repeated throughout the class?
  3. How are you guiding your students so that they understand how to respond? Is your feedback feeding forward?

Some examples:

  • Underline the verbs in this piece. Change the tense to the present.
  • Find examples of 3 persuasive techniques that you used and highlight them in red. Name the technique. Explain the effect of the technique on the reader.
  • Why have I underlined a elephant?
  • Underline the punctuation marks that you have used. How many different punctuation marks have you used? Aim for 5.
  • Select a word that deliberately chose for its effect on the reader. Write the word below and explain the effect you intended on the reader.
  • Rewrite the section that I have bracketed making sure that you have used a range of sentence lengths.
  • Underline the openings of your sentences – what did you notice?




One thought on “‘…only perfect practice makes perfect.’ (Vince Lombardi)

  1. mrsbickley

    I’m still following your Blog intently from Japan and find it so useful to keep my own practice up to date. Marking is such an important thing and I think your policy is really well balanced.
    Thank you!


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