My Christmas card to you.

Last Christmas we were in a very different ‘place’. There was a sense of impending troubles ahead as we hurtled towards the inevitable Ofsted visit.
This Christmas although we are still ‘special’ I have a real sense of optimism and excitement. What a wonderful way to end the term with our successful HMI visit. I felt really proud of our school as I read the feedback.
I am really looking forward to us being together next term in and around The Hub – perhaps we should rename the rooms to generate a new sense of identity?
I love being part of a team and we know that some of that has been lost over the last 15 months. At last we will have no excuse not to collaborate. Think of the time saved by not having to commute!
A big thank you to Tim, Cheryl and Kerri for having settled in so quickly with resilience, patience and humour.
A huge thank you to Caroline for leading KS3 and PBL. A huge thank you to Jenny for magnificently leading us through the challenges of the new igcse course and for managing our recent cover situation so ably.
My hugest thank you to all of you – still standing and still smiling… most of the time.



Much love



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