Teaching and Learning Library

Not reviews but a list of books that I have enjoyed reading over the last couple of years and wholeheartedly recommend. Please let me know your recommendations!

‘The Perfect ICT Lesson’ by Mark Anderson

“The Perfect Coach” by Jackie Beere and Terri Broughton

“An Ethic of Excellence” by Ron Berger

‘A Teacher’s Guide to Outstanding Lessons and Assessment for Learning’ by M J Bromley

“The IQ Myth” M J Bromley

“Seven Myths About Education” by Daisy Christodoulou

‘Never mind the Inspectors’ by Tait Coles

“The Perfect English Lesson” by David Didau

“Mindset: How you can fulfil your potential” by Carol S Dweck

“Full on Learning” by Zoe Elder

“Perfect Assessment for Learning” by Claire Gadsby

‘The Best Job in the World’ by Vic Goddard

“Switch” The Heath brothers

‘Outstanding Lessons’ by Ross Morrison McGill

‘The Perfect Senco’ by Natalie Packer

“Oops!” by Hywel Roberts

‘A Practical Guide to The Pupil Premium’ by Marc Rowland

“Inspirational Teachers Inspirational Learners” by Will Ryan

“Follow Me I’m Right Behind you – Whole school progress the lazy way” by Jim Smith

“Bounce” by Matthew Syed

“Thinking Allowed” by Mick Waters



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